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Love Me Tonight (US) [H] [F] [S] (73 0,76) m, 1976

1982Lotus Land (US)  [H] [F] [S]               g, by Green Speed (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Love Me Tonight (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1983Houston Blue (US)  [H] [F] [S]               h, by Texas (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Love Me Tonight (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1984Tasami (US)  [H] [F] [S]               m, by Texas (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Love Me Tonight (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1985Bound To Please (US)  [H] [F] [S]               g, by Lindy's Crown (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Love Me Tonight (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1988Forty Seventh St (US)  [H] [F] [S]               m, by Diamond Exchange (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Love Me Tonight (US)  [H] [F] [S]
Sold at Tattersalls Select Yearling Sale 1989 for 1,700 USD.
1989Hill's Gigolo (US)  [H] [F] [S]               h, by Speedy Scot (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Love Me Tonight (US)  [H] [F] [S]
Sold at Tattersalls Select Yearling Sale 1990 for 7,500 USD.
1991Nevele Night [H] [F] [S] 81 0,75 -1  1.17,7v 1.14,9a  kr 111,605  64 9-3-     m, by Nevele Pride (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Love Me Tonight (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1992Peace Power [H] [F] [S] 79 0,73 -5  1.15,6v 1.15,4a  kr 187,950  53 7-0-     g, by Peace On Earth [H] [F] [S] - Love Me Tonight (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1994Devil Night [H] [F] [S] 80 0,74 +1  1.19,1v 1.16,8a  kr 31,950  17 0-2-     g, by Little Devil (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Love Me Tonight (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1997Powerful Gift [H] [F] [S] 76 0,75 -10     kr 0  premiers       g, by Gift Box (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Love Me Tonight (US)  [H] [F] [S]

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