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Losing You (US) [H] [F] [S] (78 0,84) m, 1983

1987Answer Me My Love (US)  [H] [F] [S] 86 0,87 +7   1.15,3a  kr 141,775  1-2-     m, by Nevele Pride (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]
At 2, second in Acorn.
1988Tip Toe [H] [F] [S] 86 0,76 +7  1.17,8v 1.16,4a  kr 132,000  26 3-4-     m, by Nevele Pride (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1989Top Succe [H] [F] [S] 75 0,85 -12  1.17,1v   kr 28,500  13 0-0-     m, by Ron B.Hanover (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1990Lass Campari [H] [F] [S] 80 0,86 -7  1.22,8v   kr 1,600  0-0-     m, by Quick Pay (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1991Lass Glory [H] [F] [S] 79 0,76 -10     kr 0                 m, by Quick Pay (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1992Lass Confetti [H] [F] [S] 78 0,79 -13     kr 0  premiers       m, by Quick Pay (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1993Lass Casino [H] [F] [S] 82 0,76 -1  1.15,7v 1.16,0a  kr 98,650  29 4-3-     g, by Quick Pay (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1995Luminary (DE)  [H] [F] [S]        € 0                 m, by Count's Pride (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1996Napo As (DE)  [H] [F] [S]      1.16,0a  € 20,605  84 19- -       h, by Napoletano (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1997Ron Hanover (DE)  [H] [F] [S]               h, by Sugarcane Hanover (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]
1998Zupreme (DE)  [H] [F] [S]        € 0                 m, by Supergill (US)  [H] [F] [S] - Losing You (US)  [H] [F] [S]

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